about US

Beauti For Ashes is made of a woman of many stories. CEO Tracy Youngston, a reflection of a small piece of the company. As a child, life was not of the ordinary. It played a deck of cards that as a teen she never imagined. Pregnant at the age of 15 and bore her child five days after her 16 birthday. Being called the black sheep of the family, being reminded every day that she would never amount to anything replayed like a soundtrack on repeat. Admitted into a psychiatric ward from multiple attempts of suicide gave the ultimate picture that life became overwhelming for her. She was depressed, lost, in a place of darkness. Feeling abandoned, misunderstood, and bound in a continuous vicious cycle of self-condemnation. Transitioning into an adult wasn’t easy at all. Never seemed to fit, perceived as an outsider, intruder, and always the need to compare herself to others for a sense of validation. What a horrible life to live. This story is just a small glimpse of what that life entails, BUT it so gracefully ends with HOPE!

He will bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes.That's why BFA was created for the women(and girls) in need of hope, encouragement, and resourceful help to combat the vicious cycle of hurt, past betrayal, mistreatment, abuse (verbal, physical, emotional, and mental), abandonment, self-condemnation, and the list goes on. These factors interrupt the course causing us to abort the vision and passion of living life. Allow yourself to wear your crown of beauty and fulfill every opportunity to a life of greatness. Every woman needs hope, healing, encouragement, and inspiration so hand in hand we shall walk leaving no one behind.

Our Mission

Beauti For Ashes is a non-profit organization designed to encompass women of all ages imparting hope, encouragement, and strength to mend the broken pieces propelling them to operate at their full potential.


To catapult every young and adult woman into living a life destined of greatness.